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Becoming a ham is really simple these days, and doesn't even require you to learn morse code anymore (for the entry-level licence). With that entry-level licence you can talk to satellites, run TCP/IP over the air, talk to astronauts and satellites, transmit pictures and video, and remote control models. All you need to do is get 26 out of 35 questions right on a multiple choice test. Those 35 questions will be chosen from a pool of 350 questions, all of which are public knowledge. Some web sites have set up practice test web pages where you can take practice tests based on the real question pool. One example of this is qrz.com. The entry level license is the "Technician" licence, so that's the practice test you want to take. It's pretty easy.

When you're ready for the test, you need to find a Volunteer Examiner session. Volunteer examiners are amateur radio operators who are certified to administer amateur radio tests. These people volunteer their time to make amateur radio possible, since the FCC doesn't have time to do this any more. Ask your VEs for the "Element 2" test. That's the test for the "Technician" class license.

When you pass the Element 2, let me recommend to you to join a local club . Clubs are the ultimate information resources for the new ham.