Meet the administrators of rfc791.ORG.

Brad met Joe and Ben while working at the CompUSA computer store in 1999-2001. Brad worked behind the tech counter and Joe and Ben were in sales. We all started getting together and learning things from each other. Ben and Brad got an apartment in 2002, and a house later the same year. Ben and Brad currently live in the home of this webserver, in Madison Heights, MI, along with the rest of the Madison Heights LAN. Joe lives less than two miles away in nearby Warren, alongside the Warren LAN. In an effort to learn about VPN tunnelling, Brad and Joe connected these two LANs with an IPSEC tunnel in 2006. The idea is being thrown around about setting up an ISDN backup to learn more about ISDN.

Before Brad met Joe and Ben, he met John at a company Brad worked at previously. Brad and John also talk frequently about their technical hobbies. John lives four miles south of the webserver in Hazel Park. You may run across a picture of him if our random number generator is in the right state when you load our main page. Or if you google his callsign.

Brad's amateur radio callsign is N8VI. Ben's is KC8YWB. John's is KC8ZZP. Joe's is KD8BXF.